SONY DSC-RX10 III High Performance Bridge Camera – Black, Black


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Top features:- Large aperture optical zoom lens- 4K video recording for professional-looking films- Super slow-motion video recording- Fast Intelligent autofocus with accuracy- Triple manual lens for ultimate controlLarge apertureThere’s nothing better than capturing the perfect shot. Make it easier to do so with the Sony DSC-RX10 III High Performance Bridge Camera. It has the tools you need to take great photos in a range of settings and lighting conditions.With a large f/2.4-4.4 aperture you can focus in on your subjects, and get professional-looking shots with a blurred background ‘bokeh’ effect, just like those you’ve seen in photography magazines. Even photos taken in dim lighting appear sharp and full of detail. So, don’t let low light levels spoil your photo fun. Manually adjust the aperture to control how much light you want to appear in the shot. The is great for travel scenes, sports, nature, and indoor photography.4K video recordingRecord video in the best possible quality, with 4K movie capture. 4K pictures are four times sharper than Full HD, so you’ll see lots of detail and vibrant colour just like you’ll see in your local cinema. It’s the only way to record professional-looking video.Super slow-motionAdd a professional and dramatic touch to your videos with super slow-motion recording. Record up to 40x slower at up to 1000 frames per second for the ultimate slow-motion video montage. Imagine capturing birds in full flight, or your child crossing the finish line on their school sports daym in ultra-tense slo-mo style.Fast Intelligent autofocusNever miss a thing with Fast Intelligent AutoFocus. It captures moments in just 0.09 seconds. The autofocus of the zoom lens combines speed and accuracy to capture key moments in any scene.Triple manual lensControl the way you take photos just like a professional. A triple manual lens lets you adjust the focus, zoom, and aperture any way you like. That way you can be ready to take great shots in any setting, at any time of day.Picture thisThe decisive moment, that perfect shot, missed because you were waiting for your camera to be ready to take a photo again. But it’s not your camera or your shooting technique – it’s all down to having the right memory card.To prevent that annoying lag when capturing high res images and HD video, opt for a high-performance memory card with a fast write speed. Now you can focus on your subject.