SONY LCS-PSC7 Soft System DSLR Camera Bag – Black, Black


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Top features: – Carry up to three lenses in your bag for a wider choice of shots – Carry your tablet and extra memory cards to never run out space – Adjustable belt for your drink or mini-tripod – Rain cover for extra protection Store up to three lensesBe ready to shoot in any situation. The Sony LCS-PSC7 DSLR Camera Bag has space for up to three lenses so that you always have the right photo objective when you need it. Carry your tablet and extra memory cards With a total of six compartments, the LCS-PSC7 lets your bring along a tablet and extra memory cards. This way, you can keep snapping away without running out of space, and use your tablet to keep notes or share files while out shooting. Adjustable belt that holds a drink or mini-tripodPractical for when you go shooting in a forest or remote place, the Soft System DSLR Camera Bag has a dedicated space for a bottle of water. You can also use this space to store your small tripod in case you need to use it for greater control of your camera. Rain cover for extra protectionDon’t be caught off-guard by the rain – this Sony LCS-PSC7 Soft System DSLR Camera Bag comes with a rain cover so that your equipment is protected from nature’s surprises.