SONY SEL30M35.AE 30 mm f/3.5 Standard Macro Lens


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Top features:- Outstanding sharp macro images from a close 9.5 cm focusing distance – Smooth, natural defocused backgrounds with a 7-bladed circular aperture – Extra-fast autofocus for responsive, stable focusing Outstanding sharp macro imagesDesigned for Sony E mount cameras, the Sony SEL30M35.AE 30 mm f/3.5 Macro Lens helps you take stunning photos of close-up subjects like portraits, insects and details of man-made objects. Deliver frame-filling perspectives and fascinating views on small objects.An ultra-close 9.5 cm minimum focusing distance helps you achieve incredibly sharp detail and definition for macro shots you’ll be proud of. The lens counteracts distortion and aberrations with multiple high-performance elements.Smooth, natural defocused backgroundsSubjects will be crisply rendered against a smoothly defocused background bokeh thanks to the lens’ 7-bladed circular aperture. Enhance the focal point of your photographs, whether they’re natural subjects or man-made objects of interest.Extra-fast autofocusWhen you need to respond quickly to a shooting situation, ultra-fast and responsive autofocus helps you get the shot you want. Reel off multiple frames of moving or elusive subjects while maintaining focal accuracy, with quieter barrel movements.