TLKR T7 Quad with Ear Bud with Microphone


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The all new high specification two way radio from Motorola has some superb features not found on cheaper models and will allow you more control on how you keep in touch with friends and colleagues. The Motorola  T7 gives you the ability to "Direct Call" any handset in a given group without the other handsets knowing; you can also name each handset which works as a caller ID when other handsets are calling you and you can initiate an automatic channel change to all radios in your group should you experience interference on any given channel.Motorola Ear Bud with Microphone The Motorola Earpiece with Push-to-talk Microphone.  Discreet, lightweight earpiece with hand-operated lapel or collar-mounted microphone. Allows clear communication without disturbance or interference.The Motorola In the Ear headset consists of a small ear bud that sits in the ear and a cable that runs down to the two way radio. On the in the ear bud the Motorola two way radio ear piece has an ear cushion for added comfort.To talk on the Motorola two way radio through the ear piece there is a push to talk button on the cable, often referred to as a PTT button for short. Simply press this button every time you want to talk and the microphone will activate transmitting on the radio.Adding a Motorola in the ear piece is a great way to get the most out of your Motorola two way radio by allowing you to perform tasks much more easily.