VELBON Sherpa Monopod – Black & Silver, Black


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Top features: – Compatible with a range of cameras for versatile photography – Durable aluminium body for stable shooting – Compact & lightweight for easy transportation Compatible with a range of cameras Ideal for everyone from beginners to more accomplished photographers, the Velbon Sherpa Monopod offers support for compact cameras through to DSLR and video cameras up to 2 kg. A QHD-33M ball and socket head allows for versatile image composition.Durable aluminium bodyThe Velbon Sherpa Monopod’s aluminium construction ensures a lightweight yet durable design. A non-slip foot keeps the monopod steady when you’re shooting. A wrist strap and a comfortable neoprene handgrip give you even more control and security whilst you’re photographing.Weighing in at less than 1 kg and folding down to just 54 cm, the Velbon Sherpa Monopod offers a compact and portable design that’s ideal for travelling and days out. It’s easy to set up and pack away thanks to its clip lock legs.